The Baker Group: A Technology Advancement Company

What Clients Expect from Us:

Commercial Competence

The Baker Group has in-depth knowledge of the medical device, medical informatics, renewable energy, and clean technology markets. Intentionally limiting our focus to these sectors allows us to maintain current knowledge of market trends and regulatory requirements while sustaining significant, meaningful contacts within each industry.

Industry Know-How

The Baker Group offers thought leadership and executive-level expertise based on years of experience "in the trenches". Successfully navigating the path to commercialization with dozens of companies, many of the products weʼve guided to market have made their way to global adoption and are in active use today.

Technology Expertise

With core competencies in physics and technology innovation, we have the unique capability to understand technology at a core level. This allows us to identify new and unique market applications, offer objective input in the product development process and properly calibrate a company's growth strategy with its technical advantage for maximum return on investment.

Fundraising Success

Our team is actively involved in raising funds within today's financial climate. At a time in history when many found funding opportunities to be scarce, members of the Baker Group successfully secured over $65MM. While the current economy has challenged the fundraising status quo and old ways of raising money are a thing of the past, new methods are taking root. With insight into current trends and investor demands, the Baker Group is skilled at positioning companies for a favorable reception within the investment community.

Our Network

Working with these best-in-breed professionals, the Baker Group has been helping clients reach their innovation goals since 1999.

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